This magnificent edifice started in the year 2002. The revelation to build a bigger auditorium for Jehovah’s worship was given to me (Dr. Felix Owoha) and some other persons both members and nonmember of this ministry. I nursed this vision for several years after building the former church which was dedicated by my in the Lord Rev. (Dr.) Felix Omobude.

Be weighed by this vision that it is time to start, I decided to see the former Enogie of Idogbo Community for a vast land measuring 600ft x 400ft (Six Hundred feet by four hundred feets) where we will relocate the headquarter church . Not acting on my own free volition, I decided to go into prayers for direction and the Lord said to me just as He told Isaac in Genesis 26:2 – 3 ” And the Lord appeared to Hime (Isaac) and said, go not down into Egypt; dwell in the Land (Gerar) which I shall tell thee off. Sojourn in this land, and I will be with thee…

In Obedience to GOd’s Command, I decided to stay and build round the former church.”


When the project started, the church was only having N2,000.00 (Two Thousand Naira) in the church bank account, but the Lord gave me an order to lay the foundation by faith. To God be the glory, the hand of the Lord laid the foundation and His hand completed it.

God Himself raise wonderful members who were committed, tireless and dedicated to see to the completion of this great house. Just like the temple built by solomon, the people gave what they have and some others used their skill to the glory of God

During the course of building this project, so many bank came encouraging me to take a loan, but I told them that I don’t believe in using loan for any project. I cannot put the church and member in debt and I can boldly say today that by His grace the church is not owing anyone.

Although it was not an easy task but I believe in doing what I can do today and I know that time takes care of things that cannot be achieved immediately. With time, patience and focus with a supportive wife and encouraging members who stood by me, what started like a dream by faith is a reality today. To God be all the praise in Jesus name. Amen