THE MANDATE: “The hour has come to liberate the world from all oppression of the devil through the preaching of the WORD OF TRUTH, and I am sending you likewise to undertake this task”.

I welcome you to WORD OF TRUTH BIBLE CHURCH INT’L INC. This is a great commission blessed and favoured by God. It is a mandate from God as given to me in 1989 when I was on fasting and prayer. Suddenly, I saw myself on a platform in the sky which was as red as blood.

Few persons were on top of the platform. After a while I heard a voice that said to me “Felix, look down” and as I looked down, behold I saw multitudes of people that cannot be numbered and the voice asked “did you see them” and I answered yes “the he said to me “these multitude are in bondage and are helpless. I am sending you to go as a messenger to deliver them”. The voice later asked; if I saw the ladder I used in climbing to this platform and I answered No! The voice said, I brought you here by my spirit and power”. The voice was apparently the voice of the Lord which later said “obey me and I will use you to liberate this multitude”. He later showed me some things like tablets, it will serve as money and one can take care of you for many years. All these are for you to take care of yourself and this great commission.

To the glory of God, this great commission formally started on Sunday 6th of January, 1991 inside a sitting room at No. 8, Erediauwa Street, Upper Sokponba Road, Benin City and in October same year, while we were on a 3 days fasting and prayers, the lord spoke that he has enlarged the coast of the church and God later gave us the place were the international headquarters (Praise Cathedral) is standing today to the Glory of God.

Since inception, this ministry has been a huge source of blessings and miracles to many, within and outside the country and it has been marked with powerful impactful messages which has led to the outright transformation of people from all works of life, to the glory of God alone!